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How To Build Your Opening Repertoire Database With ChessBase 12

Many chess players use computers and programs to become a better players. To play games, to practice and also to learn. Computers are also big helpers in case of building an opening repertoire. In the past chess players had to spend tens of hours studying books to find and learn important lines of new opening […]

Garri Kasparov on Making Mistakes in Chess [video]

There is no need to introduce Garri Kasparov. Probably the strongest chess player of the history… Almost TWENTY years on the top! I had a chance to watch a video part of his interview with WNYC’s Leonard Lopate about mistakes in chess, analysis of all games (both won and lost) and learning from those analysis. […]

Xtreme Chess Championship [video]

Have you had chance to watch any of episodes of Xtreme Chess Championship? It is a great series of chess videos prepared by Jennifer Shahade and her team. The series is dedicated to young chess talents from the U.S. These young people play short chess matches in active chess and the games are commented by […]

Chess TV Episode #370 [video]

Did you miss anything here on Monday? Right – new episode of Chess TV was not here. It is time to fix it ;) So, say hello to the episode No. 370! What does it bring to chess fans? News from the chess world. Chess history lecture, something about Machiavelli and chess. Chess puzzle, of […]

Interview with Vassily Ivanchuk [video]

There is another interesting interview with a player attending the Reggion Emilia tournament. Vassily “Chucky” Ivanchuk is one of the most popular chess players around the world – mainly because his combative style. I must admit I like his games. In this interview you may learn why he thinks he have never been #1 according […]

Interview with GM Fabiano Caruana [video]

The first big tournament of this year is played in Italian Reggio Emilia. Many very strong players attend this tournament – Hikaru Nakamura, Vasiliy Ivanchuk, Fabiano Caruana just to name some of them. The last one – a young Italian Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana, who is 23rd strongest player of the world according the November FIDE […]

Video – IM Naroditsky analyses King’s Indian Defense

I found this nice video from IM Daniel Naroditsky where he shows his blitz game and nicely explains King’s Indian Defense from the perspective of black. How do you like it?

Ponomariov, Robson Score Round One Victories in Saint Louis. Video analysis included

Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov uncorked Nf3 on the fifth move against Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura’s King’s Indian Defense and went on to win the first game of their international match Tuesday at the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center. “This is what happens when you take three and a half months off classical chess,” Nakamura said […]

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