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Weekend tactic #11

Would you find the shortest way how to win the game? White to move:

Weekend tactic #9

White is to move. How would you proceed to win?

Weekend tactics #4

White is a piece down but attacking. Will it be successful attack? White to move.

Weekend tactic #3

The weekend is here and it means new diagram for you to be solved! White to move and draw:

Weekend tactic #2

The second weekend tactic is here! This time it should not be too difficult, but you will see. Anyway, you have two weeks to write your solutions in the comments section below the article. After two weeks the right moves will be revealed. And now it is time for the diagram. White to move:

Weekend tactics #1

It is never enough of learning tactics, patterns and typical chess combinations. I have decided to bring you one tactics diagram each weekend for sharpening our tactical skills. If you think you have found the right way, please, share your idea with the others in the discussion below! White to move: Update: I will publish […]

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