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Chess Tactic #73

White to move.

Chess Tactic #72

Black to move.

Chess Tactic #71

Today we have a symetrical position in our chess tactic exercise. Will you find the winning move for white?

Chess Tactic #68

White to play. What would be your continuation?

Chess Tactic #59

Here is one of the changes I have prepared for this blog. The weekend chess tactic diagrams will not be weekend ones any more. You will meet tactic diagrams more often here. I hope they will help to sharp your tactical skills! And mine as well. White to move.

Weekend Chess Tactic #57

Black to move. How would you continue in this position?

Weekend Chess Tactic #54

White to move. What would be your plan in this position?

Weekend tactic #12

The last black’s move was 24…. Nxd5 taking knight there. How would you proceed as a white? White to move:

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