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Chess Tactics #91

White to move. How would you proceed in this position?

Chess Tactic #87

White to move in this position. What move is the best now?

Tactics Time – Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson

All of us have heard about the importance of learning tactics in chess. Especially when you are an average player, you see tactics as a decision factor in the most of all your games. Learning tactical patterns is one of things which are crucial for becoming better chess player. That is one of the reasons […]

Chess Tactic #81

The position on the diagram is from the Ruy-Lopez opening. So, if you play this opening, the tactical pattern could be good to know. White to move. How would you continue now?

Chess tactic #80

The last move of Black was pawn to h5. And now White’s Queen is under attack. How should White move now?

Chess Tactic #79

White to move. What is the best waz to get into the position of black pieces?

Chess Tactic #75

White to move.

Chess Tactic #74

Black to move.

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