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Chess Tactic #89

White to move and win. What is the best plan for him?

Chess Tactic #88

White to move. How would you proceed in this position?

Chess Tactic #87

White to move in this position. What move is the best now?

Chess Tactic #86 – Magnus Carlsen in the main role

This chess tactic is from one of games of the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. His play has many admirers and even if one is Vishy Anand’s fan (Vishy was the previous world champion – he lost his title in the match against Carlsen) then he must admit that the level of Carlsen’s play is […]


Another great article for aspiring chess players from my friend Bent Hansen! Enjoy it and learn something about… forks! I welcome you to this article, which is most for new (low ranked) player  and player who likes to learn or just to get better at chess tactic. Learning this skill in chess takes time and […]

Thank God It’s Friday Chess Tactic #84

How good are your calculation skills? Do you cinsider yourself as a tactival player? If yes (and also in the case you think you are more positional type of player), you should try to solve this puzzle. White to move and win! Please, write your solutions in the comments section!

Chess Tactic #83

Black to move and win. Will you find the easiest way?

Tactics Time – Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson

All of us have heard about the importance of learning tactics in chess. Especially when you are an average player, you see tactics as a decision factor in the most of all your games. Learning tactical patterns is one of things which are crucial for becoming better chess player. That is one of the reasons […]

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