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Weekend tactic #26

Black to move and win.

Weekend tactic #25

White to move and win. Will you find the right way?

Weekend tactic #14

White to move.

Weekend tactic #12

The last black’s move was 24…. Nxd5 taking knight there. How would you proceed as a white? White to move:

Weekend tactic #11

Would you find the shortest way how to win the game? White to move:

Weekend tactic #10

Black has an advantage, it is clear. The move, which leads to the win, is 1…. Bc5+. But there is one which is even stronger. Would you find it? Black to move:

Weekend tactic #9

White is to move. How would you proceed to win?

Weekend tactic #8

The situation on the diagram is clear. White is attacking on the king’s side, black on the opposite one. But white is faster. Would you find the best white’s move now?

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