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ChessCube vs. vs. ICC vs. FICS – What’s the best?

ChessCube is an online chess community with over 1,400,000 registered members as of March 2011.  They do not feature an online chess forum (Update: I stand corrected, they do have a chess forum, don’t know why I’ve never seen it.) as their focus is primarily on tournaments and general play.  Their interface is exceptionally […]

FICS Games Database

This will be a short post, but I have to share it with you. I just found the fantastic page, where your FICS (Free Internet Chess Site AKA are stored. You can save them or re-play them. You can also search for games by players, ratings, variants, ECO code of the opening, date. […]

Where to play chess online – part II. FICS ( (also known as Free Internet Chess Server – FICS) was the first place, where I started to play chess online seriously. Before that time I played on some servers, but gave me the real feeling of educated chess community for the very first time. At these days FICS has more than 300000 registered […]

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