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Chess ending #2

Would you know how to win this position as white? Of course, white to move.

Chess ending #1

I am just starting new serial of chess puzzles to solve on this site. Yes, you are right – it will be dedicated to chess endings. And let’s jump into them right now! White to move in the position on the diagram. How would you proceed to win the game?

Rook versus pawn endings

Rook vs. pawn endings sounds to be pretty easy. But it is not true in all situations… Also, this type of ending is quite important as it appears in many games. Would you know how to play it? Then check this article.

Who Will Win This Pawn Ending?

Today we have an interesting pawn ending. Who will win it? Or is it a draw? Prove it with analysis in the comments below. White to move.

How to play knight vs. pawn chess endings

In this type of endings the goal of the stronger side is to reach a draw. But if you play knight vs. pawn ending and your opponent has a pawn on a-column or h-column then you can get into serious troubles sometimes. Let’s look at some examples: [FEN “8/P1n5/8/8/2K5/8/2k5/8 w – – 0 1”] 1.Kc5 […]

New poll: What kind of chess ending is the most difficult for you?

In the previous poll on this blog, you have selected chess ending as something which most of you don’t like to study. But chess endings are also important phase of a game and this month I would like to ask you the following question: What kind of chess ending is the most difficult for you? […]

72% chess players are focused on study of openings

In the first poll, which have been running here on, I have asked readers this question: “Which part of the chess game do you study mostly?”. The results are not surprising – majority of chess players seem to study the opening phase mainly. 72% of readers have voted for the opening phase. 14% have […]

Poll: Which part of the chess game do you study mostly?

When we want to become better chess players, we have to study. And when you think about the most significant parts of the game, you easily find three ones: openings, middle game and endings. I would be interested in this poll in the following question: Which part of the chess game do you study mostly? […]

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