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Morning Chess Ending

White to move and win.

How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings – part II

A week ago I posted an article about an importance of pawn endings in improvement of calculation skill of a chess player. And today I have something like continuation of the “serie” with new example. Would you find the right way to win the games as white? White to move.

How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings

Pawn endings are very useful when it comes on the calculation of variants. As there are only pawns and kings on the board, one can easily “see” the long sentences of moves and possible continuations. This is why pawn endings are ussually recommended by chess trainers to train to improve one’s calculation skill. Here is […]

Classic demonstration of the power of bishop pair by Wilhelm Steinitz

Each of us have heard about the power of bishop pair. In the open positions the bishop pair is much more valuable that pair of knights or bishop and knight. It seems to be clear. But sometimes all of us may have problems to apply the bishop pair advantage. Let’s look at the classic game […]

What chess books I am going to study in Q1/2010

In my previous post Chess goals for 2010 I mentioned the most important directions which I would like to go to improve my chess this year. To achieve an improvement it is necessary to study chess games and/or books. As probably many of you, I have quite good chess library, but I have not go […]

How to play knight vs. pawn chess endings

In this type of endings the goal of the stronger side is to reach a draw. But if you play knight vs. pawn ending and your opponent has a pawn on a-column or h-column then you can get into serious troubles sometimes. Let’s look at some examples: [FEN “8/P1n5/8/8/2K5/8/2k5/8 w – – 0 1”] 1.Kc5 […]

Poll: Which part of the chess game do you study mostly?

When we want to become better chess players, we have to study. And when you think about the most significant parts of the game, you easily find three ones: openings, middle game and endings. I would be interested in this poll in the following question: Which part of the chess game do you study mostly? […]

Chess endings – diagram #1 – how to realize the advantage?

I would like to show you some interesting positions which I liked. The positions will be based on some tactics, positional and strategic threats or on a good knowledge of endings/typical positions, which should be known to players of our strength. Here is the first one and I hope you will enjoy it. White is […]

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