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World Chess Championship Match: Draw in the game #3

Yesterday we say the first draw in the match between Anand and Topalov. Anand had black pieces and he chose the Slav instead of Grunfeld which was played in the first game. Anand equalized the game and peace was signed later. Today the match continues with the game #4. [Event “Sofia BUL, WCC 2010 game_3”] […]

World Chess Championship Match: Anand strikes back in the game #2

The World Chess Championship match continued with its second games yesterday. All chess fans were curious whether and how Anand manage the game after being smashed in the first game on Saturday. And he managed very well! Catalan opening was played, Anand sacrified a pawn for some pressure. Topalov had to play patiently, but it […]

FIDE World Chess Championship postponed 1 day

According the FIDE site the match between Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov will start on Saturday (instead of Friday). Here is the official message: “In accordance with chapter 7.4 of the match regulations as well as article 2.4 of the 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, the 1st game of the match will be postponed by […]

Anand – Topalov match should start on Friday (no postponement)

As I wrote two days ago in the post Will the World Championship Match Anand-Topalov be Delayed over Volcanic Cloud?,  Wishy Anand had problems to get in Sofia, Bulgaria (where the match will be held) in time and he asked for 3 days postponement of the beginning of the match. It was expected that the […]

Will the World Championship Match Anand-Topalov be Delayed over Volcanic Cloud?

India have officially requested for the World Chess Championship final match in Sofia between Viswanathan Anand and Veselin Topalov to be delayed by 3 days. India’s defending champion Anand has still not arrived in Sofia after his flight was canceled due to the volcanic ash cloud hovering over Bulgaria, the President of the Bulgarian Chess […]

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