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Do you play different openings in blitz games in comparision with classical games?

The last week I played the tournament in rapid (active) chess and this question appeared in my head. Having less time than in usual game can allow to play something unusual, side lines. Maybe even suspected lines. I think, it could be an interesting question for many chess players. So what is my answer and […]

British Blitz Championship 2012

British Blitz Championship will be played on Saturday 24th March, 2012 at the Quinborne Community Centre, Quinton (Birmingham). The championship is open to players from all countries, so if you want to play some good blitz games and you will be in the UK that weekend, you are invited to attend!

Xmas blitz tournament

Last Sunday my chess club organized Xmas blitz tournament and I thought it was a good idea to close my chess year by attending this event. The time limit was 2×10 moves, 11 round. There were 52 players attending the tournament and my starting rank was 31. It was more or less funny tournament for […]

Opening new season by Friday blitz tournament

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember I attented the first blitz tournament of new season on Friday. I have to admit it could be my first blitz tournament ever as I don’t remember if (and when) I have attended blitz tournament before. But I was looking forward to this tournament also because […]

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