Chess Tactic #96

Black to move and win. Please, write you solution to the comments section below the diagram.

Chess Tactic #96

Biel 2014, Round 1

The super-tournament in Biel just started yesterday. And all chess fans could see amazing games! The game of the first day was definitely the one between Hou Yifan and Anish Giri. The Chinese player and the Women World Champion absolutely destroyed Giri! You can see the video report and also replay all the games further in the posts!

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Chess Tactic #95

This one is easy. Black to move and win. Do you see the solution? Write it in the comments below the post!

chess tactic #95

Chess Ending #3

White to move and win. Are you capable to find the right way to the whole point? It is not easy, isn’t it?

chess study

Chess Tactic #94

Black to move. How would you win the game?

chess tactic 94

[FEN “r1bqr1k1/pp3pbp/3p1np1/2pP4/P1N1PPn1/2N5/1PQ1B1PP/R1B2RK1 b – – 0 1”]

Short Introduction to The Slav Defense – Exchange Variation

The Slav Defense is one of the most popular openings these days. Its theory is very deep and well developed. There are many lines that one must know to avoid failing in traps or sharp tactical battles. So if you are 1.d4 player and you don’t want to compete with your opponent in knowledge of the theory of the Slav Defense, then the Exchange Variation could be a good choice for you.

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Chess Tactic #93

White to move. What would be the best plan for him in this position?

chess tactic 93

[FEN “5k2/pp2pp2/3p1Pp1/4n2p/3qPQ2/2rP3P/P5P1/3R1R1K w – – 0 1”]


Chess Tactic #92

White to move. Will you find the best continuation?

chess tactic 92

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