Chess Tactic #101

White to move and win. What is the right solution?

chess tactic

[FEN “7k/pp2r1p1/b3p1Rp/q3P3/2rpN3/7Q/P4PPP/2R3K1 w – – 0 1”]

Chess Tactic #100

Black to move and win. What would you plan?

chess tactic

[FEN “2rr3k/pb3q1p/1p1p1n1b/1P2pP2/PBPpP1p1/1N1Q2P1/2R3BP/5RK1 b – – 0 1”]

Chess Ending #4

White has two pawns down, but the win is not easy. Or is it? White to move.

chess ending

[FEN “8/8/P7/8/3K4/r7/P2R4/k7 w – – 0 1”]

Do you play different openings in blitz games in comparision with classical games?

chess playersThe last week I played the tournament in rapid (active) chess and this question appeared in my head. Having less time than in usual game can allow to play something unusual, side lines. Maybe even suspected lines. I think, it could be an interesting question for many chess players. So what is my answer and answers of a few my friends?

I mostly play the lines I know well. Sometimes I try to play something a bit optimistic and funny, some (let’s call it) gambit lines which promise exciting game and tactical battle. But usually I play schemes, which I know and where I know the plans very well. Or, better said, I think I know them at least :)

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Chess Tactic #99

White to move and win. What would be the right plan?

chess tactic 99

[FEN “r1br4/1p2npkp/3Bpbp1/pqp5/2N1R3/1P1P1QP1/1PP2P1P/R5K1 w – – 0 1”]


Chess Tactic #98

White to move and win. How would you proceed in this position?

Chess Tactic #98

[FEN “r1br2k1/1p2q2p/p2p1ppB/2nRpP2/2P1P3/2P4P/P1B2QP1/3R2K1 w – – 0 1”]


How To Build Your Opening Repertoire Database With ChessBase 12

Many chess players use computers and programs to become a better players. To play games, to practice and also to learn. Computers are also big helpers in case of building an opening repertoire. In the past chess players had to spend tens of hours studying books to find and learn important lines of new opening in their repertoire. Today, we can create opening database within a few moments. How? Are you interested in?

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Chess Tactic #97

White to move and win. What would be your plan to do it?

Chess Tactic #97

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