Mihail Marin: A Passion for the Pirc

What do you think about the Pirc defense? I was used to play it a lot, but I have realized that I have many problems in positions raised form this opening? OK, maybe not problems, but I was not satisfied with positions… Maybe these two DVDs could change my thoughts about the Pirc defense ;)

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Chess quote for today

The key to ultimate succcess is the determination to progress day by day. – Edmar Mednis

How many 1st move mates do you see in this position? White to move.

What is New in Theory? (April 2014)

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White to move and mate in 21 on this revolver chessboard!

16th International Réunion Island Open | Chessdom

Will you attend the tournament in this eden?
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Women’s World Championship Postponed

The 2014 Women’s World Championship, which was scheduled to start in two weeks from now, has been postponed “for a few months”. This was announced on Wednesday on the FIDE website, and might have serious consequences for the women’s world championship cycle.
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Topalov’s rating on the new rating list will be 2800! Good job!

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