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Topalov reached 2nd win in a row and now he is a leader at Sinquefield Cup. The wolrd champion Magnus Carlsen won over Fabiano Caruana yesterday. The complete overview of round #2 with analysis of games is here:

5 Up, 5 Down In Sinquefield Cup Opening Round

Wow! That was a start! Are you watching the 2nd round? Read more: And follow on Facebook at

How do you see the 1st round of Sinquefield Cup? Personally I am very interested in games Carlsen – Topalov and Nakamura – Anand.

The Sinquefield Cup is about to start. One of chess fans has a very special chessboard after yesterday’s autograph session. Would YOU ever play on this chessboard? I would not. It would be a special jewel for me :)

Weekend! Time to relay! Or to play chess :)

10 Best Chess Games by Mikhail Tal

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Something easy. White to move and win. How?

Magnus Carlsen

What do you think about the current system of World Champion cycle? Do you agree with Magnus Carlsen? Read more: And follow on Facebook at

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