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Space Advantage: Caruana Opens Up Two-Point Lead in Sinquefield Cup

GM Fabiano Caruana has won each of his first four games of the 2014 Sinquefield Cup, including against the World’s No. 1 and No. 2 players, and now enjoys a comfortable lead over the strongest-ever field. Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Caruana Commanding, Scalps World Champ to Stay Perfect

Yes, Italian miracle Fabiano Caruana shows he may become the future challenger of the world chess champion! He has 3/3 at Sinquefiled Cup. Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Caruana hot, Topalov not

Fabiano Caruana won also his 2nd game at the Sinquefield Cup and he leads the whole tournament. On the other side, Veselin Topalov lost two games in a row. Magnus Carlsen has two draws and he is in the middle of the tournament table. Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Step by Step: Calculation #24

Improve your visualization and calculation skills! Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Sinquefield Cup starts with a Splash!

Fabiano Caruana had the best start at the Sinquefield Cup! Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Chess Tactic #106 – Is it a good idea to play 1.Nxd4?

Nice chess time! Would you join them to play a few games?

Sharjah 02: Distances appear

Men play their strong Sinquefield Cup, but women have also their super strong tournament being played in these days. Let’s look at the 2nd round of the tournament in Sharjah! Source: Follow on Facebook at

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