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Qatar Masters Open: Shocks in Round 1

Some spectacular losses of the favorites in the 1st round of Qatar Masters. Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Magnus Carlsen vs. Bobby Fischer. Who would win this match?

Caruana on Carlsen-Anand and much more

A fascinating interview with Fabiano Caruana! The world no. 2 on the match in Sochi, his triumph in St. Louis, his plans for the future and much moreā€¦ Read more: And follow on Facebook at

Sochi G11: In dramatic finale, Carlsen retains title

Hail the King! Read more: And follow on Facebook at

What do you think about the match between Carlsen and Anand? How do you like it?

I like it much more than the previous one. And I still believe that Anand has some chances to reach tie-break games.

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