Chess Tactic #99

White to move and win. What would be the right plan?

chess tactic 99

[FEN “r1br4/1p2npkp/3Bpbp1/pqp5/2N1R3/1P1P1QP1/1PP2P1P/R5K1 w – – 0 1”]


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One Response to “Chess Tactic #99”

  1. 1.Qxf6+ looks like a killer move, since if 1…, Kxf6 to avoid losing the B, then 2.Be5+ draws the K out into the open where it will most likely be mated. Then 3.Bg7 will cut off the h6 escape square and White can throw the book at him with his pawns and N joining the R in the onslaught. I’ll check a little more closely to see if I can find the mating line

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