Mate in 2

Will you find mate in 2 moves? White to move.

Please, write you solution in the comments section below the article!

Mate in 2

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4 Responses to “Mate in 2”

  1. Bill says:

    1. Nd6 if cxd6 2. Qb6 Mate
    1. Nd6 if Kxd6 2. Qf8 Mate

  2. 1) Nd6 c6 1) Nd6 cxd6 1) Nd6 Kxd6 1)Nd6 Bb5
    2) Bd4# 2)Qb6 # 2) Qf8# 2)Nb7#

    1) Nd6 Bc4
    2) Ne4#

    1)Nd6 Bd3,Be2 Bg2,Bh3

  3. juno325 says:

    1. Nc2 if Bb5 2. Qf8#, if …c6 then 2.Qb6 mate

  4. Martin says:

    Am I missing something or is there not a more straightforward way as follows?

    1. Qxc7+ Kb5
    2. Qc6#

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