Tactics Time – Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson

Tactics TimeAll of us have heard about the importance of learning tactics in chess. Especially when you are an average player, you see tactics as a decision factor in the most of all your games. Learning tactical patterns is one of things which are crucial for becoming better chess player.

That is one of the reasons why we love solving tactical puzzles, right?

Most of tactical puzzles we see in the chess magazines or on websites are examples from games of very good players like GMs or IMs. But these tactics are different from the tactics an average player usually meets on the board. And this is the idea behind this book.

The authors introduce us 1001 diagrams containing tactical puzzles from the  real games of average club players. In most cases the solutions are not complicated, but everyone has to know those patterns to increase his/her chess level. Many of the patterns we met in our games, for sure. And many of them we did not recognize.

I like the book. The examples there are very well chosen and each club player can benefit of them. The authors chose puzzles from all stages of chess game (opening, middlegame, endgame), so a reader can profit from reading and solving this book through entire game.

1001 puzzles are a lot of positions to solve. To memorize and to learn those patterns. It will take you some time to solve all of them. But I am pretty sure that the time will be used in the right way.

You know – chess tactics is one half of the battle. And you have a very good companion on the half if you use this book! The companion helping you to improve your chess!

You can buy this book for your Kindle on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009TBYA7U. The price $4.99 is very reasonable price and buying the book will definitely pay off!

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