Will You Win This Easy End Game?

Today I have something easy for you :) White should win this end game very easily. Will you find the right way?

Chess End Game

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4 Responses to “Will You Win This Easy End Game?”

  1. Morris says:

    I didn’t find it easy. I played it with Fritz to figure it out. Requires two sacrifices by white, which I’m still working on. Sacrifices can be wonderful, and they can also blow up in your face…

  2. Marcel says:

    1. Rg7+ Kxh8 2. Rh7+ Kg8 3. g7 Re8 4. Rh8+ 

    Last rank wAs week

  3. Valdecir says:

    I didn’t find it easy too. 1.Rg7!!

  4. Ben says:

    Yes Rg7+!! is the first move.
    1. Rg7+ Kxh8 (forced)
    2. Rh7+ Kg8 (only move)
    3. g7!! Now if Kxh7 than gxf8=Q wins. Or 3. … R moves anywhere on 8th rank Rh8+ picks up the Rook.
    Very nice puzzle.

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