A Gift From My Captain

abbazia1912As you may know there is a great chess server schemingmind.com, where you can play games with good level players. One can also participate in team leagues and that’s my case as well.

I am a proud member of team called Advanced Beginners together my great Twitter fellows @farbrortheguru, @ellazwart, @logiske and @64rdb64. The first named one is also our team captain.

During the last season of the team league he announced a small competition for the best commented game. I sent three of my games and as I was the only who did it I won the competition by default. OK, I admit it was an easy win :)

This week I received a prize from @farbrortheguru as the best commentator of our team. The prize is a rare book (only 100 copies have been printed!) with games from King’s Gambit Accepted tournament Abbazia 1912. It was a tournament where players like Rudolf Spielmann (winner), Oldrich Duras, Richard Reti or Erich Chon participated.

It is a very good book for all players who like King’s Gambit Accepted and sharp and concrete style of playing. The book also contains a few games from the 2011 Red Wings King’s Gambit Accepted tournament in Minnesota.

Thank you, @farbrortheguru for the book! You hit my taste! ;)


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