Open Praha 2012 – 5th and 6th Rounds

Open PrahaTuesday was dedicated to playing two rounds in one day. It was new experience for me and I was curious how I enjoy it. In fact it was not so bad :)

My “plan” was to play an easy game in the morning and prevent to becoming tired. As you can imagine, I played very complicated game in the morning :)

I met my strongest opponent in the tournament. The guy was rated 2002 ELO point, almost 250 higher than me. We played the French Defence and choose the plan when knight is going on the way b1-d2-f1-e3 to g4 square where it should blockade Black’s breakthrough on e5 square.

Unfortunately, I did not manage this plan and Black played 12…. e5. His pieces became active and especially his bishop pair was very dangerous. So I wanted to exchange them as soon as possible. I was able to do it and I offered a draw. My opponent declined the offer – no wonder, I was not in the better position, so he understendably continued in our game.

Later in the game I allowed Black’s queen to break into my camp and it was the beginning of my end. The last twenty moves or so was only hoping for a miracle.

6th round was on the program in the evening. I had black pieces and knew nothing about my opponent. We played (again) the Sicilian Defence, but I choose very bad setup with white’s pieces d4 and e4 against mine d6 and e6. I was very passive and White was able to take advantage of it.

In bad position I overlooked a pawn in 15th move… I had to play even worse position and hope for a miracle (again – like that morning). My plan was to exchange all pieces, catch the d-pawn by my king and hope.

So we followed my plan and after 29th move my opponent offered a draw. I cannot decline it!

As the analyze later showed, the game was won for White if he would play 28.Kf2 instead of 28.h4 – his king would be in the centre faster and after a few moves Black would have no moves and would have to allow White to break into his position.

To be lucky is something which is need sometimes.

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