Open Praha 2012 – 3rd Round

Open PrahaMy opponent in the 3rd round of tournament was a young lady from Moldova. During my preparation I found she played on women’s chess olympiad 2010 and it turned my game into something special. It was my first time when I played against a national team member and a participant of chess olympiad!

The game started as the French Defence. I changes the right order of moves and it lead us into exchange of queens in 6th move. Then I had space advantage, but nothing more. I wanted to prevent Black’s move of pawn on e6 and my opponent wanted to place his knight on d5 square.

Later in the game we exchanges one pair of bishops and I got a bit more active position. Black played 19…. e5, which was interesting amove nd probably poisoned pawn sacrifice. If I would take the pawn immediately, Black’s pieces would be very active and dangerous. So I declined this sacrifice now and took the pawn a few move later.

After 29…. Rc2 I felt that my position is not good, but I was lucky because although I lost a pawn, my rooks went on the 7th row and I was able to draw the game.

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2 Responses to “Open Praha 2012 – 3rd Round”

  1. Johan says:

    Why didn’t black play 26. … gxf6?
    Oke, it gives her a bad pawnstructure but she is the Rook against bishop up with enough open lines to activate her rooks.

    All by all a well played game, except that one move … .
    2/3 is a good result. Keep it up!

  2. petrs says:

    I think she did not play it just because of the bad pawn structure after 26…. gxf6.

    I believe my bishop would be better than her knight in the ending – like in many Bobby Fisher’s games ;)

    Thank you for your comment about 2/3. But only one third of the tournament has been played so far. 6 rounds to go and to evaluate the result ;)

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