Open Praha 2012 – 1st Round

Open PrahaAs I mentioned in the previous post My Chess Plans for 2012, I wanted to attend Open Praha tournament this year. It is first big tournament of the year in my vicinity and it is possible to play games rated for FIDE ELO there (I still need four games to achieve FIDE rating), so I decided to play the tournament.

Regarding this site I have a plan to post my games and thoughts about the tournament here. I hope it could be interesting for you especially if you plan to attend your first open tournament sometimes in the near future.

OK, let’s talk about the tournament itself a bit. It is the 11th season of the tournament. Players can play in two groups – A and B. This year more than 250 chess players attend the tournament. The strongest players in the group A are GMs Alexander Fier (BRA) 2603, Ninjat Mamedov (AZE) 2601 and Leva Aroshidze (GEO) 2581. The strongest players of the B group are FM Kirill Burdalev (UKR) 2304, Evgeny Golcman (RUS) 2252 and FM Jan Bartos (CZE) 2231. My start rank is #97 among 117 players.

Tournament has 9 rounds. 1st round was played yesterday and we will play one round per day except Tuesday when two rounds will be played.

Open Praha - chess tournament

My opponent in the first round was a pleasant guy from France. I have white pieces and we played the Alekhine Defense. I made a mistake in the opening which cost me a pawn. But I did not like the opponent’s moves 5…. Bf5 and 6…. Bg4 (the first move was OK, but playing two times with a piece seemed a waste of time to me), so I still hoped for a twist in the game. And it came…

After 14.Qe4 I started to feel I have initiative in the game and I could not only a draw it, but maybe win the game. When we did exchanges in the centre and I put my rook on d7 in 22nd move, I realized it will not be so easy. But I liked my rook on 7th row very much and I started to think about creating a rook battery there.

Unfortunately, I had very weak first row and my opponent get another pawn. The ending seemed to be lost, so I tried a small tactical trap – offering to go to the four rooks ending. If the opponent would accept this “invitation”, he would be mated in three moves. Luckily for me, he accepted the exchange of bishops…

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2 Responses to “Open Praha 2012 – 1st Round”

  1. I thought your opponent had seen the mate when he played 29. … f5. Strange your opponent fell for that little trap, afterall the mate with the two rooks is really slapping you in the face like a smelly fish. Either complete chess blindness or a miscalculation (not seeing you take with check) must be the case.

  2. petrs says:

    I am sure it was overlooking – he told me about it after our game. I was lucky this time.

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