Why The Hell Should We Cheat in Chess?

There is some story about cheating in chess from time to time. The last example is young FM Christoph Natsidis from Germany, who was caught cheating in the last round of German championship. You can read more about the whole case on Chessvibes “Player caught cheating at German Championship“.

I do not really understand this behaviour. All of us were used to play chess for fun, although there are some sport aspects and all of us rather win than lost our games. But should not we be fair and accept situations where our opponents are stronger? Yes, we should!

How could we be happy if we would win a game with “small” help of our smartphones or even friends on the phone?

It is also a reason why I never talk about my running games with my friends in the playing hall. One could also consider it as cheating. Or at least trying to help.

If we would cheat for example to gain a title or higher ELO rating, then how would we really enjoy being titled player? Would not we really go down with our rating when we stop cheating? If we stop, of course.

Would one really believe it will help him in his chess carriers?

I am happy that I have no experience with cheating so far. On the level where I am it would be really absurd. to try reaching ELO 1850 instead 1750 by cheating.

I am against cheating (I hope it is clear enough from the words above) and I would be for quite tough penalty for cheating players.

Do you have any experience with cheating? How did you deal with it?

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