How I was crushed to death with one pawn up

Chess setAs you may remember, I attend in the tournament organized by our chess club. I reached 3.5 points in my first 5 games. It is a result which I am quite satisfied with as all my opponents were stronger than me.

This week I played against another stronger opponent. The guy is a son of my another chess friend and I knew he did not play too much chess in last 10 years. But he is still quite strong as he had the same amount of points in the tournament as me so far.

We played the Philidor defense with 3…. Bg4 variant, which I do not know too much about.

When we reached the position after 7.Qb3 I was very satisfied as I was going to be at least one pawn up. I choose to take the f7 pawn as I liquidated black’s rochade by that move. After the game I thought whether the pawn on b7 was not safer to take, but it was not better continuation probably. Another question is whether any of those two pawns is poisoned…

9.Bg5 – the purpose of this move was to develop queen’s side instead of taking another black pawns (9.Qxb7 Nbd7 10.Bd5 Rb8 11.Qxa7 Nxd5 12.exd5 Nc5 and where to go with white queen now?).

I felt that the black pieces gain initiative and after 11…. Qf4 I went into exchange of queen and I hoped to assert the pawn up in the ending. At the same moment I also saw that is not going to be easy ending. Were there another moves to be played instead of 12.Nd2 and 13.Qf3?

Later on I decided to try to play on g-file and I created weaker pawn on g6. I had less space and I wanted to exchange some pieces. I did not want to lose my knight and I preferred to exchange my bishop for opponent’s knight. And indeed, I had this chance in my 20th move. But I totally overlooked check 20…. Nf4+ – I wanted to extend my pressure on g6 pawn before I exchang my bishop for the knight on e6 – and after this move I think the result of the game was clear.

The game is an example of very nice positional play of black – he put his pieces on the right squares and crushed me to death.

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2 Responses to “How I was crushed to death with one pawn up”

  1. Hi Petr!

    It looks to me like you had a pretty good grip
    on the position until 10.Bxf6 was played. Black
    was then relieved of the pin and gained a tempo
    on the f7 Bishop after recapturing with the Queen.

    Do you agree?

    I’m looking at 10.Bh5 Qe7 (10…g6 11.Bh6+), what do you think?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Russ and thank you for your comment! You are right. 10.Bh5 looks good and I do not really know why I did not play it :(

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