From a Passive Mode Into Winning Breakthrough – My Last Game

Our chess club organizes tournaments through the whole year. We have spring tournament, and also summer and autumn ones in several groups. During winter we play team competitions. I like our system because we stil have to play serious games, which are important for our progress. As usual I play spring tournament. Today I would like to share my last game with you.

I was black, my opponent was about 80 ELO points stronger. I knew he starts his games by 1.d4, so I prepared something nice for him. But! He showed me his surprise earlier – we played 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5. Ehm, at this moment I was out of my knowledge :)

After a few moves I decided to exchange all bishops and create a blocked position. I was passive, but I did not see any white’s move which could eventually destroy my position. On the other site I found some initiative on king’s side and started my operations there. They led to open g-file, where I put my rooks. I found nice move 26…. fxg4 with little mating trap and the rest was quite easy also because my opponent was in serious time pressure.

Here is the game and I would be happy to see your comments below this post!

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  1. anthony martinez says:

    I was wondering if you thought that 15.Na5 would be winng for white?

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