ELO2000.com Chess Tournament No.2 – Final Report

Chess setThe second ELO2000.com chess tournament, which was organized via My Chess application on Facebook, has been finished. There were 10 players in this tournament and I hope that all of us enjoyed it. Would you like to know the results? As I won the tournament, I am happy to share the results with you, guys ;)

The final standing of ELO2000.com tournament #2:
1. Petr Slavik (Czech Republic) – 7.5 points
2. Rusiri Wickramasinghe – 6.5
3. Deniz Cimen – 6
4. Humberto Anton – 5, SB 21.5
5. Rip Nazir Fleetani Rodriguez (Spain) – 5, SB 17.0
6. Rob Rutten (Belgium) – 5, SB 16.0
7. Datuna Pertaia – 4.5
8. Keneve Houston (Spain) – 3.5
9. Oleg Rozhkov (Russia) – 2
10. Marko Zummer Murr-Ghost (Slovakia) – 0

I am going to show you my only lost game. I think I had great knights on d6 and some positional advantage, but I was not able to transfer it into anything concrete.

Other two ELO2000.com tournaments are running at the moment. I will post reports from them soon!

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