Would you like to play a simul against GM Korchnoi or GM Hort?

Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi

Playing a simul against strong grandmaster is usually a celebration for amateur chess player. There are some grandmasters in the category of legends and most chess players would like to play against them. I mean grandmasters like Kasparov, Karpov or… Korchnoi. If you will spend days in the middle of October somewhere in the Czech Republic, Europe, you have a chance!

There will be a weekend event called Chess Classic held in Spa Hotel Vráž. Two top grandmasters from older generation will participate. And as the title of this post speaks those players will be gentelmen Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi and Vlastimil Hort.

They will play two exhibitional games and on Saturday (October 16th) they will play a simul against interested chess amateurs. And (I must add) amateurs willing to pay about 2.000 EUR for a simul game against GM Korchnoi or 1.200 EUR for a simul game against GM Hort. The number of boards is limited – 6 for Mr. Korchnoi and 30 for Mr. Hort.

Do you play chess simul against strong players? Who was your most interesting opponent and what was the result your game?

And additional question – would you pay money for playing a simul against GM?

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2 Responses to “Would you like to play a simul against GM Korchnoi or GM Hort?”

  1. rollingpawns says:

    It’s a serious price you need to pay. :)
    Last time I played in simul it was against GM Shirov, it costed me only $20.
    Before I played with GM Bareev, it was something about that too.
    It is really a great experience to play with such people.

  2. admin says:

    rollingpawns: Yes, the price is only for snobs and such a simul gives absolutely nothing to chess fans.
    I played a simul only against one IM, but I was a child at that time. I am sure I would enjoy it much more now ;)

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