Weekend tactic #27

This chess tactic does not contain a lot of pieces, but it is also fun and it is useful to solve it. White to mate in 5 moves.

Weekend chess tactic

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3 Responses to “Weekend tactic #27”

  1. Mate in 2!
    1.Qg3 e1Q 2.Qg2#

  2. Scratch that, 1… e1N thwarts, back to drawing board!

  3. alexwalian says:

    1. Qa3-d3 Kf1-f2, 2. Qd3-d2 Kf2-f1, 3. Qd2-f4+ Kf1-e1 4. Qf4-d4 Ke1-f1
    5. Qd4-g1 check mate

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