Anand – Topalov match should start on Friday (no postponement)

Vishy AnandAs I wrote two days ago in the post Will the World Championship Match Anand-Topalov be Delayed over Volcanic Cloud?,  Wishy Anand had problems to get in Sofia, Bulgaria (where the match will be held) in time and he asked for 3 days postponement of the beginning of the match.

It was expected that the Bulgarian Chess Federarion will not be inclinable to the request. And indeed, the Anand’s request was refused yesterday.

So the match should really start on Friday 23rd.

Anand is on his way to Sofia by car now. The only possible way as old trains are sold out.

How do you see this situation? Is it a fault of Anand? Or do the Bulgarians do everything for Topalov? Or is it a force majeure? Tell your opinion in the comments section below!

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2 Responses to “Anand – Topalov match should start on Friday (no postponement)”

  1. Maybe Anand could do better… I would still give him 1-2 days,
    3 is probably too much.

  2. Tommyg says:

    Force Majeure!! IT is a volcano. And extra days can help Topalov as well. He can spend more time with his team analyzing.
    I find it inconceivable that they did not grant the request for a mild postponment.

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