Team competition summary plus a diagram to think about

chess_wooden_tableIf you look at the history of this blog you will see that there were not too much new posts within last few weeks. Yes, I placed a few tactic diagrams and some little amount of posts, but my old plans were different. I wanted to write more for this blog.

As many of you can imagine, the mine reasons for the “silence” here were my family and my job. But still I had time to play chess.

First three months of each year are filled by a team competition in my case. This year our team played 9 matches (the last one will be played tonight) against opponents from our town.

We won first two matches, then we lost one against stronger team and then we scored four wins in a row. This series catapulted us to the first place of the table just two rounds to go.

In the penultimate round we had to play again another stronger team (we were #4 according to ELO rating). Only win could give a chance to the winner to be delegated (the winner would have to win in the last round as well – but both of us will play against very weak team in the last round). Unfortunately, we lost the match 3,5:4,5 and it meant the end of hopes for being delegated.

It is a pity but it is just a game. Next year we will have chance again.

Speaking about my personal results in the team competition I can say I am satisfied. 4 wins and 4 draw mean +11 ELO points to my account. Plus the last game tonight. I played interesting games and I alwyas aimed at winning the game. In a few case I got behind the edge and I had to save the game. But there is no win without risk. I was more fighting in this competition than in my last tournaments (maybe because I played for my team?) and it satisfied me a lot.

I am going to share some fragments from my games with you in several few posts. Today I have one from the 3rd round (yes, it was one of those where we lost the match). I was black and after several move in the opening we reached this position. The last white’s move was Bd2 (shielding the check after Qa5+). Now I (black) had to move. What would be your move as black in this position? Where would you place your queen?

Where to go with black's queen?

photo by brhefele

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5 Responses to “Team competition summary plus a diagram to think about”

  1. David says:

    queen takes knight.

  2. brh says:

    By the terms of the CC license, you’re required to cite more than merely the author’s name (re: photo).
    Also, since it is reasonable and trivial in a setting like this, while you are not bound to do so, it’s common courtesy to link to the original piece… in this case,

    BTW, I too would have probably done …Qxb5, but I’m sure there’s a flaw there I’m not seeing…

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for information about the CC license! I am sorry I did not use photos in the right way. I will fix it during the weekend.

    I hope you will make many great chess photos!

  4. brh says:

    No problem! Content distributors (like flickr) do a good job of promoting CC, but don’t necessarily go far enough when it comes to explaining the usage, etc. But it’s a step in the right direction that people even know what CC is. I don’t like to be like aggressive about my material or anything, but as a believer in CC, I think it helps out the CC community to try to keep people informed, make sure the license terms are known and followed, etc.

    Hopefully I will have more chess photos, now that the weather is nice – I like to play outdoors! :)

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