What chess books I am going to study in Q1/2010

booksq1In my previous post Chess goals for 2010 I mentioned the most important directions which I would like to go to improve my chess this year.

To achieve an improvement it is necessary to study chess games and/or books. As probably many of you, I have quite good chess library, but I have not go through all my books. So once I am goign to take chess seriously this year it is good to create a list of books I would like to read and/or play through. Of course, the list of books should be corresponding to my training goals.

One of them is “improvement in chess endings” and in positional play in general.

I choose three books for this purpose:

  • Selected games 1969 – 1977 by Anatoly Karpov (more than 50 deeply anonated Karpov’s games)
  • Chess endings – Essential knowledge by Yuri Averbakh
  • Chess strategy for club players by Herman Grooten

And because I would like to avoid to losing “tactical eye” I will go through Chess Training Pocket Book II by Lev Alburt and Al Lawrence – great selection of tactic puzzles.

Photo by andreasnilsson1976.

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4 Responses to “What chess books I am going to study in Q1/2010”

  1. chessx says:

    I to have a chess library and i have only read a handful of them.
    I have the knowledge waiting to be learnt,but not enough or
    no time to read them.
    Good luck.

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  3. Study books not only 2 learn the game but 2 enjoy it 2;THIS IS D KEY 2 CHESS IMPROVEMENT.
    The important thing is 2 acquire such a baggage of positional chess ideas that u are never ever left wandering in the ecpanse of middlegame;As far as my experience Dvoretsky’s books are best suited for this purpose;
    Ofcourse sharpening and widening ur opening repertoire and learing the basic endgame of every section are important 2;On the openings i would recommend using some reliable GM’S DVD training and as per endgames either BATSFORD CHESS ENDINGS or DVORETSKY’S ENDGAME MANUAL{might be a bit 2 tactical but that much interesting 2}

  4. Barone says:

    Despite the out of fashion openings in the examples and some quasi-latin
    terminology (like “leucopenia”, for lack of light square coverage in the centre),
    the single best instructive chess book IMHO is Kmoch’s “Pawn Power in Chess”

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