Carlsen almost a second of Anand for the match Anand – Topalov

Magnus CarlsenI do not write too often about the most up-to-date chess news, but this one would be very interesting. According the Chessdom server Magnus Carlsen could be a second of Vishy Anand in the upcoming match Anand – Topalov.

Although this news have been denied later, it was something which I did not expect at all.

Regardless the result of Anand – Topalov match, Anand will still be a player who will fight for the chess crown in next years. And now, when Carlsen (widely expected world champion in the period of a few years) would become a part of Anand’s team, Anand himself would help Carlsen to learn even more about Anand’s style, work and chess weapons.

From the perspective of a chess fan the cooperation Anand + Carlsen (and Kasparov hidden) would be something I would really enjoy. But from the perspective of Anand’s fan I would be in very ambivalent stage – it would be great for the upcoming match against Topalov, but too dangerous for the future.

What are your thoughts about cooperation of Anand and Carlsen (no matter it has not been confirmed after all)?

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2 Responses to “Carlsen almost a second of Anand for the match Anand – Topalov”

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  2. chessx says:

    Anand is a very cleaver man wanting Carlsen as a second,
    1/he gets to see into Carlsens mind as a title challenger in 2012
    2/Anand could say to Carlsen ok you can bring your trainer bloke
    whats his name Kasparov he can help as well!!!!!

    Happy new year

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