Top 10 articles on for Q3/2009

The first calendar quarter of this blog is over and I think it is a good opportunity to look at the most popular posts. Which articles have been interesting for the readers?

Here is the Top10 list:

1. Vote for the Miss Universe Chess

2. Where to play chess online – part I – My Chess on Facebook

3. Where to play chess online – part II – FICS –

4. Decline of the Spanish boot

5. Weekend tactics #1

6. How to set up your mind when playing with stronger opponent

7. Noiseless explosion on e3 made by Alekhine

8. Ruy Lopez with 6.Qe2 and Marshall-like antidote

9. Sample of ultra-dynamic play by Mikhail Tal

10. Weekend tactics #3

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One Response to “Top 10 articles on for Q3/2009”

  1. chessx says:

    For my own choice i like the best your articles on Alekhine then Tal.
    Your article on was very good.
    Your Weekend Tactics are also very good but hard.

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