My game from the 4th round of the club tournament

Last week I played 4th round of my club tournament. The opponent was known to me, we played very nice game in the previous tournament together. I won that game, so I expected his effort for revenge now. So I was prepared for battle again.

The opponent surprised me a bit by his first move 1.d4 (last time he played 1.e4), but 1.d4 is still nothing unusual, so the battle started in quite normal way.

We reached this position after 17 moves: - chess blog

Here I started to think about my plan and next moves for about 25 minutes. Most of that time I was thinking about 18…. Qe3. Question for you! What do you think about this move? Would you play it or not? If not, what other move would you prefer?

In the next run of the game I was able to gain a pawn and we reached this position. Here I blundered (I still have that feeling) and played 29…. Bxb2. The game finished as a quick draw after that.

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3 Responses to “My game from the 4th round of the club tournament”

  1. chessx says:

    I would play Qe3,white would i guess move the d2 knight
    to open attack on the queen.
    Followed by Qxe4? to follow Rc2.

    Nice game the 2 extra pawns may swing it,but the rook is strong.

  2. chesstiger says:

    Qe3 is indeed playable. Defends the d3 pawn and attacks the e4 pawn for the second time.

    The endposition its two free pawns and a bishop against a rook difference.
    I think that its only black that can play for a win in that position. So i would
    have played on with the black pieces to see if my technique is good enough to
    convert such advantage into a win.

  3. chesstiger says:

    Qe3 is indeed areasonable move. It defends d3 and attacks e4 for a second time.

    I think that bishop and two pawns versus rook has chances to win. But nevertheless
    one has to very carefull for the rook.

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