Almost miracle in the ending of my last game

Last week I played another game in the tournament organized by my local chess club. In that round I played against the strongest player of the tournament.

At the beginning of the game I felt like “I would be happy for one half of a point” and the game looked like that. It was in direct opposition of my older article “How to set up your mind when playing with stronger opponent“… I should learn from my articles at least…

But during a course of the game I found some tactical opportunities (around 30th move) and decided to sell my skin more expensively. So I finally started to fight.

And even being a pawn down, I was manage to overplay my opponent in rook ending. Maybe I even start to love this kind of chess endings?! The move 48.Ke5 was decisive and white equalized the game.

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One Response to “Almost miracle in the ending of my last game”

  1. chessx says:

    Nice game,i suppose black was thinking i have a won game here.
    a and b pawns look good,but perpetual check or white queens the
    f pawn.

    You played very correct in this ending.
    One wrong move during the opening or middlegame and most times
    you have time to correct the mistake.
    But a wrong move in the ending can be final.
    You where very cool.
    I knew a player in the 1990’s who loved and played the ending
    with great skill.
    He would try to trade down to the ending,the part of the game
    he was strongest at.

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