I attended European Amateurs Championship in active chess

The biggest chess festival in the Czech Republic is Czech Open. Each July many players from many countries go to Pardubice and they spend there 2.5 weeks full of chess and other activities. During this festival the European Amateurs Championship in active chess is organized and I played in the category with ELO < 1800.

My final result was nothing special - 5.5 out of 9 meant 27th place out of 95 players. My starting rank was 31, so I can hardly call it "success".

I played some good games, also some easy games (mostly against unexperienced young players) and I am going to show you a part of one later.

What I like on Czech Open is the atmosphere. This year it was my third Czech Open where I attend and I am sure I will go again next year(s). It is a great feeling when you are in the big hall playing with hundreds of other chess lovers. Of course, you can take into consideration also the competitive part of the festival - no one wants to be the last one in the final table. Plus it is the European Championship, don't forget about it! And frankly, for players of our strength it is the easiest way how to grab the title of European Champion.

And it is time for the promised sample of my game. It is the game from 3rd round. My opponent was a weaker player, so he tried to oversimplify the game from the beginning and he probably hoped in draw with pure kings on the board. Of course, it was not the way I would like! At the position you can see below black will play 17.... b5 closing his bishop totally. It didn't take too much time to decide to play "against" this really bad bishop.

[Event "European Amateurs Championship in active chess under ELO 1800"]
[Date "2009.07.22"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Slavik, Petr"]
[Black "Halousek"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Setup "1"]
[JsCom "startply 0"]
[FEN "r4rk1/p4pp1/bp2p1np/q2pP3/3P4/2NQ1N2/PP3PPP/R2R2K1 w - - 0 17"]
18.Qd2 b5 19.a3 Qc7 20.b4 Qb6 21.Ne1
Bb7 22.Qe3 Bc6 23.Nd3 a6 24.Nc5 a5 25.Qd3 axb4 26.axb4 Rxa1 27.Rxa1 Ra8
28.Rxa8+ Bxa8 29.Qxb5 Qxb5 30.Nxb5 Bc6 31.Na7 Be8 32.b5 Bxb5 33.Nxb5 Nf4
34.Kf1 Kf8 35.g3 Nh3 36.f4 Ke7 37.Kg2 1-0

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